Holmby Hills Homeowners Association

The way to complain about helicopter noise in your area is finally up and running (see, our post below from October 14, 2014).

Per a resident from South of Sunset:
“Right now, L.A. city is doing an active study of these helicopter abuses to address the issues with the FAA, since the air-space over Holmby Hills is currently unregulated. The only way the City & the FAA will address this is if the study shows enough residents complain to validate new restrictions.
=> Here’s how you can help: Actively report these helicopters to the City on the FAA’s automated Helicopter Noise Complaint System.

3 Ways to Report Helicopter Noise Complaints:
=> 1. Call 424-348-4354 (that’s 424-348-HELI) and follow the voice prompts
=> 2. Use the General Complaint Form at http://heli-noise-la.com/how-to-use/ <http://heli-noise-la.com/how-to-use/ – scroll down to the bottom of the page..
=> 3. Track and complain about a specific helicopter at http://heli-noise-la.com/webtrak/
***The Federal Aviation Administration funded development of the complaint system and is funding its initial operation from April 2015 through March 2016. Please use this system every time you are bothered by helicopter noise. Let the FAA know it is important to you.”