Per Mr. Dax Miller:

I will keep it short and sweet. As you all can see in the attached images, our one-of-a-kind streetlights are well overdue for maintenance. If our original streetlights are not maintained, there is high probability that they will be replaced with by a cheaper style and material by the City. None of us would like for this to happen. We would like to simply ask each one of you to fill out this short online request form with the City of L.A. as our first step. Just go to this link here: for the “Street Lighting Service Request Form” and follow the steps. Please indicate that ALL of the original street lights and lamp posts on your block are in need of repair. Then, if you would just email me back indicating that you have done so, I can compile our requests and deliver to the City by other means, if necessary. We will follow up with these requests and keep the pressure on the City to take action, but we need your support by filling out the simple online form first. If you cannot fill it out, please forward this email to someone who can on your behalf.

Your action in this matter to keep our neighborhood maintained is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Dax Miller