Holmby Hills Homeowners Association

On Thursday, January 7th at 10:00 a.m. the Cultural Heritage Commission (CHC) will hear the Historic-Cultural Monument (HCM) nomination for the Singleton Estate. At this hearing, the CHC will decide whether to support the Conservancy’s nomination of this estate as a historical monument (to keep it from demolition and/or other structural changes) .

In most likelihood, those who oppose the nomination will show up to voice his/her/their opinion, so support for the nomination is incredibly important. If you choose, you will be allowed to speak for at least three minutes to relay: The importance of the house, its significance, and why it should be preserved, as well as anything else you feel is worth saying to show your support.

Date: 1/7/2016 / Time: 10:00 a.m
City Hall
200 North Spring Street
Room 1010 on the 10th Floor
Los Angeles, California 90012
***Please come! Bring your family, neighbors, and friends!