Holmby Hills Homeowners Association

The HHHOA Annual Meeting has been CANCELED due to the Corona Virus.
Our sincerest apologies, since we know the cancellation is in the 11th hour, but we’ve had various homeowners contacting us requesting the meeting be postponed due to the threat. Since some of our members are octogenarians or thereabouts, the HHHOA is being ultra-cautious as to protect not only their health, but the health of all its members.
The HHHOA just received word from the President of Harvard-Westlake that the school has had to cancel events as well due to the viral threat, so the HHHOA thought it would be best to fall in line and wait for the potential pandemic to be contained or, at the very least, diminished.
Unfortunately, we do not have a rescheduled date, since the cancellation is very new. However, once we have a rescheduled date (subject to the Corona Virus containment), we will expediently relay that information on to you.
Currently, we are in the process of contacting all guest speakers and R.S.V.P.’ed attendees. However, please relay this notice of cancellation to your neighbors/friends that you knew would be in attendance, so we can reach everyone possible before Wednesday evening.