Holmby Hills Homeowners Association


It has been brought the HHHOA’s attention that an attempted burglary occurred on March 29th around 7:00 p.m. on Faring Rd.

Per the homeowner (who left the property about fifteen minutes prior to the break-in), the observations below are from the residence’s security camera footage:

– The perpetrator pushed his way in through one of the front gates.
– The getaway car slowly drives up and down the street while the suspect is on the property, who, with a backpack and gloves on, checks out the estate.
– The suspect goes up to the front door, around the side, and then to the back of the house.
– After the suspect notices the security camera, he covers his face, but proceeds to walk around the backyard.
– He then approaches one of the back doors and pries it open with an object; thus, triggering the alarm.
– With the alarm sounding, the suspect grabs his belongings and sprints out to the street, flagging down the getaway car.
– The suspect and the driver flee the area (paper license plates were on the vehicle).
– The homeowner’s family was at home when this incident occurred (which lasted approximately 5 minutes), who called the police.

Attached are still-shots of the perpetrator and vehicle.

If you have any information regarding the above, please relay and we will provide it to the homeowner to assist in the investigation.

Thank you in advance.