Holmby Hills Homeowners Association

The FAA has complied with Congress’ request to do something more concrete after passing the “Los Angeles Residential Noise Relief Act.” It is working on implementing a one-year long formal complaint system (costing $250,000).  This complaint system will relay what types of helicopter noise concerns are occurring and the areas they are coming from within the City.  *** Once the results are compiled, the FAA will embark on a noise reduction program in residential areas.

***What can Holmby Hills Homeowners DO?

EVERY time a helicopter is heard, EVERY resident needs to complain to the system (once it is in place). The FAA acknowledged in an article that an influx of complaints in concentrated areas is what is being looked into:  It’s the difference between the same 5 people making 1,000 complaints and 500 individuals making those same 1,000 complaints.  The FAA also acknowledged it was pressure from various homeowner groups that helped to get it to act.

Therefore, once the system is up and running, and the helicopter noise is abounding, complain OFTEN and complain in NUMBERS.