Due to Holmby Hills Homeowners having problems with sightseeing tour vans creating vehicle congestion on roads, noise, and non-resident foot-traffic, the HHHOA is considering petitioning the City to post “weight-restriction signs” in the area. Vehicles over 6,000 lbs. are not allowed thereby banning most, if not all, commercial sightseeing tour vehicles. (NOTE: The Hollywood Hills already has signs of this nature posted on various streets.)

It is also important to note that the City has an interest in keeping the structural integrity of its roads intact and, since our streets were just repaved after many years of disrepair, it may be inclined to readily assist us in this matter.

(REMEMBER: It’s the City that has to pay for these types of street repairs.)

Over the years, it has approved fines for violators of the “overweight vehicle” restrictions: 1st and 2nd offenses = $250, and the 3rd = $1,000, under LAMC ordinances. Furthermore, the CA Vehicle Code fines about 40 cents for each pound OVER the weight limit, which is easy to attain since most 15-person passenger tour vans weigh approximately 5,400 lbs., in addition to adding on 150-175 lbs. per each person in that van. Even if it is an open-roof tour van, that is only a 100 lb. deduction.

(However, note, that it is within the ticketing officer’s discretion to cite to offender under his/her choice of code for the violation, or even under both, which is a hefty fine.)

*Of course, tour companies are against this and want to up the allowed weight in most areas to 8,000 lbs.

**What can Holmby Hills Homeowners DO?

Get the City to place “weight restriction” signs in the area by arguing:


***The HHHOA is currently awaiting a response from the City as to the protocol it (and homeowners) has to follow to implement weight limit restriction signs in the Holmby Hills area.