Since the Singleton Estate, one Wallace Neff’s last masterpieces, was in danger of being demolished, the Los Angeles Conservancy nominated it to be a Historical Cultural Monument to preserve this architectural wonder and piece of Los Angeles history.
***However, the HCM designation needs all the support it can get. Please join in our letter writing campaign to let Councilmember Koretz know you feel the same way.
=> Below is a template you can use to draft your own letter. Don’t forget to copy in the Cultural Heritage Commission and Los Angeles Conservancy.
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HHHOA - Koretz Letter (page 1)HHHOA - Koretz Letter (page 2)

***In case you would rather cut and paste the above text into a document of your own, please see below:

Mr. Paul Koretz, Councilmember

Council District 5

200 North Spring Street, Room 440

Los Angeles, California 90012


Re:     384 Delfern Drive – Singleton Estate (Historical Preservation)


Dear Councilmember Koretz:

It has come to my attention that the Singleton Estate has been acquired by a developer, who plans to tear down this piece of history to develop the property with multiple houses.

The Singleton House, built by Wallace Neff, is an architectural wonder, and one of his last major structural endeavors. It is worth preserving, especially in a day and age when there is so little original architecture remaining in Los Angeles. This timeless, yet elegant, masterpiece should not be destroyed, as not only the workmanship of Neff would be obliterated, but so, too, a part of our Los Angeles history.

We ask that you please support the Los Angeles Conservancy’s nomination to have the Singleton House and estate be deemed a historical monument when it comes to full Council review. Doing so, would not only help this glorious estate be free from demolition, but, if successful, would keep the architectural beauty and history of our neighborhood intact.

Please join us in our crusade to stop the destruction of a piece of Los Angeles history.



Cc: Richard Baron, President

Cultural Heritage Commission

City Hall

200 North Spring Street

Los Angeles, California 90012


Cc: Linda Dishman, President and CEO

Los Angeles Conservancy

523 West Sixth Street

Suite 826

Los Angeles, California 90014


Bcc: Mr. Paul Koretz, Councilmember

Council District 5

West L.A. Field Office

6380 Wilshire Boulevard

Suite 800

Los Angeles, California 90035


Bcc: Mr. Paul Koretz, Councilmember

Council District 5

Valley Field Office

15760 Ventura Boulevard

Suite 1020

Encino, California 91436