A number of important issues were discussed at the board’s September meeting.  We continue to search for ways the Holmby Hills Homeowners Association can provide additional service to its members and the community.

For example, for those members who walk their dogs in De Neve Square Park, it might helpful if the Association provides waste bags for their pets, so that those who forget to clean up after their four-legged friends will have a reminder.  Curbing one’s dog is more hygienic for both those who enjoy the park and for dogs, in general, since it lessens the spread of canine diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, and giardia.  Failure to do so is harmful to the environment and it is the law.  Los Angeles Municipal Code’s, “Pooper Scooper” statute requires pet owners to immediately curb their animal’s waste left in public places.

The cost of providing such a pet waste bag station, with refill bags, is only a few hundred dollars.  The convenience is common in other small parks, such as the Holmby Hills Park, south of Sunset.  As an added bonus, the bags in question are biodegradable, reducing the carbon footprint in landfills.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

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